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God and Goddess, patriotic, one nation, american flag These patriotic American pagan and wiccan designs are from Patriotic Dissent Graphix and are available on a variety of different style T-Shirts, Buttons and Pins. The profits from the sale of these products go towards the goal of purchasing 455 acres on the Cumberland Plateau outside Crossville, TN for the purpose of building a Pagan and Interfaith Gathering Site. The land is not just for the pagan community but also for the Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Tolerant Judeo/Christian and Muslim communities to gather and have weekend gatherings and retreats.
The owner and force behind Patriotic Dissent Graphix envisions having a retreat center of several hundred acres that would include a multi-faith religion research library, an Asian style bathhouse, cabins and camping facilities, a large circle for big groups as well as small circles for private rituals and shrines for a variety of dieties and several different size permanent sweatlodges or kivas. Patriotic Pagan, American Pagan, One Nation, American Flag Pentacle.
Patriotic Triple Moon, American Flag Wiccan Triple Moon Additionally this man would like to turn 10 acres each over to Hindu and Buddhist priests that would be interested in building temples for their various communities and to cultivate fields and orchards to produce food for gatherings and to pay the taxes on the land by selling their produce at the local farmers markets.

It is also his intention to permit 2 conservation groups, SOAR or Save Our American Raptors (Mercedes Lackey has been involved with this group for a long time) and a freshwater otter rescue/breeding group, to use the land as a wildlife preserve. Both groups rehabilitate injured animals and release them back to the wild or raise those unable to be re-released and let them breed so their young can return to the wild to repopulate areas where they are endangered.

American Flag Lord Wiccan God, Patriotic, Pagan GodAmerican Flag goddess, patriotic spiral goddess

If you would like to be a part of bringing this vision into reality then please tell as many people as you can about this and encourage others to support Patriotic Dissent Graphix through the purchase of their products. You can click on any of the images on this page to see more products with that particular logo. To request more information about this lofty goal or to find out how you can assist in acheiving it, click here.