Love Spells

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Love Spells

There is no single goal more often sought after than finding true love. Be careful with love magick, as it can backfire on you. Love spells shouldn't be directed at any specific person because that would be manipulative.

To manipulate a person into a relationship in which they have shown no interest developing is to try to negate that person' s right to free will. To cast a spell "to make so and so fall in love with me" shows not a spirit of love but an insensitivity to another's feelings. But witches do cast love spells. don't they? Yes, they do. The first love spell a witch should cast should be for her/himself. Self esteem is essential in correct magical working. To bring a complete and balanced person into a relationship, is indeed to give a precious gift to another. To be capable of receiving love, we must be able to truly give love.

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So what would be a correct love spell? A spell to "remove obstacles to love" could cause physical distance to cease to be a problem, would allow "circumstances" to arrange a meeting or draw someone who is good for you into your life that perhaps you do not even know yet! It could also make someone who IS interested in you to be able to overcome shyness in approaching you or you with them. The point here is that while Wiccans are free to influence energies to accomplish a purpose, they are not free to manipulate people.

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