Protection Spells

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Protection Spells

Being able to keep yourself safe is a valuable tool, whether it's against other magick or not. Remember that using protection magick doesn't mean you have full license to be reckless or foolish. The Correspondences below relate to protection and will help when constructing your own protection spells.

Herbs Angelica, Anise, Fennel, Mistletoe, Rue, Horehound, Betony
Stones Amber, Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Tiger Eye
Color Black
Day of the Week Saturday
Element Fire

Mother Earth copyright Jessica Galbreth
Artwork Jessica Galbreth

Prayer of Protection to Gaia

A prayer of protection I write this hour
to keep me from harm's way.
For all ill-will be turned and
securely kept at bay.

Gaia herself, my protector be,
stands between me and all strife
and cups inside her faithful hands
the essence of my life.

Gaia, Great Gaia, calm my heart
and create in it anew.
Circle me with your motherness
as only you can do.

Before you there was nothing
then the earth began!
Keep me safe I ask you please
until I pray again.

Blessed I be this day

May4, 2002 


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