How to Make a Witch Bottle

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How to Make a Witch Bottle
By Unknown

Witch Bottles have been around for hundreds of years and have been found all over Britain. The original purpose of a witch bottle was to keep witches and evil away! It was the idea of sympathetic magic that made people think that making these bottles would work. They were suppose to protect the person from the witch or evil, while also bringing on harm caused by all the objects in the bottle. Today the purpose of the witch bottle is to protect a person from negative energy targeted at them. Objects like rusty nails, razors, pins, thorns, urine and hair from the person being protected, blood, and other sharp and nasty things went into the bottle. This is a simple way to make and use a witch bottle for general protection.


A glass or ceramic jar or bottle, with a big enough iopening to put the objects in it
wood pieces
hair, fingernails or blood
rusty nails
protection herbs
any other sharp or nasty object that would divert negative energy

First place all the items in your bottle. With each object, visualize the bottle being infused with protective energy. Know that any negative energy directed towards you will be absorbed and destroyed by the bottle. You could also write on a tiny piece of paper all the things you want to be protected from and stick it inside. The last items you add would be the blood (menstrual blood could be used) urine, vinegar or hair and nails (urine and blood symbolize yourself, they connect you to the bottle, they are a really strong element to work with in magic). Lastly seal the top (you can drip black candle wax over it, or just close the lid). Now you should bury it somewhere outside or in your home. These bottles have been found under floor boards, in walls, under the porch, in fireplaces and buried outside. Wherever is most convenient for you.

As long as the bottle stays intact and doesn't break, it will work.

Witch bottles can also be constructed in other ways and for other purposes. Just think of it as a spell in a bottle. To draw money you would add things like coins, herbs to bring money, dollar signs made of cloth, and any other thing you can think of to symbolize money. You could also add those other things, like blood or hair to tie the bottle to yourself.

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