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Ritual Tools & Altar Supplies

An expansive selection of Ritual Tools and Altar Supplies for the practicing pagan. We have a wide selection of Altar Cloths, Book of Shadows, Athames, Altar Patens and Tiles, Bells, Drums, Besoms, Bolines, Bowls, Boxes, Chalices and Goblets, Cauldrons, Smudging Tools, Wands, Staffs and more!  Empower your realm of spiritual well-being with our magickal pagan supplies and tools.

An altar cloth is used by magicians, Wiccan, witches, and other practitioners of the occult for one or more of several reasons. This area is our fine selection of Altar Patens & Tiles , Platens (also known as platens) A  Wiccan pagan altar and ritual must :) 
    Patens have many uses, including to hold your offering to the Goddess, to use as a  coaster on your altar or in your home, or as a beautiful decoration as 
    a reminder of your faith. Altars and Shrines create a sacred space, a place of spiritual magnetism, beauty and joy in your  home or office. A personal home 
    altar can be a point of focus for your spirituality.  In these increasingly perilous times  the only real defense is a mind well grounded in compassion and 
Altar Cloths Altar Patens & Tiles Altars
Every Witch has a personal knife. In many traditions it is called an athame (pronounced  "a-tham-ay). It usually has a steel, 
    double-edged blade. The Athame is both a storer and a projector for power. The athame can be used in place of a wand or sword so if you are just 
    beginning to collect your magickal tools, the athame will probably be one of your first acquisitions. Everyone needs a bag. Find decorative Tote Bags, beaded bags that jingle, Tarot Bags, Pendulum  Bags, Crystal Bags, and Spell 
    Bags. Each bag has many varied uses. Ritual Altar Bells for Wicca, Witchcraft, Pagan and Goth Spellcrafting, Ceremonial, Ritual and  Decorative Use. Ancients have used 
    Bells for years to mark Beginnings and Endings, Purification, Energizing and Cleansing an  Area for Ritual Use, Changing and Enhancing Awareness and for 
    Calling the Spirits.
Athames Bags Bells and Drums
Witches use brooms in magick and ritual. The pagan broom or "besom" is used in ritual for cleansing the general circle 
    or ritual area.  The besom is sweeping away the psychic dirt, getting the area purified for the ritual at hand. Boline ---The boline is a lesser known cousin of the Athame. This is a knife that is used for more practical reasons like the cutting of 
    a wand, or other objects. Generally has a curved blade. Whether it's called a "Book Of Magik", a "Magikal Grimoire", or a "Book  Of Shadows", it's 
    important for every witch to create a book of records. These are your personal notes, a diary of your  spiritual or magikal experiences. A book to record 
    your dreams, interpretations, aspirations and affirmations.
Besoms Bolines Books Of Shadows
Our altar bowls, dishes, and offering plates are perfect for all your needs. They're great for  holding salt and water during Wiccan 
    and Witchcraft ceremonies as well as other Pagan rituals. Keep them on your altar all  the time and use them for incense or daily offerings. Pagan Shopping presents Boxes for Magick, Tarot, Treasures and More Cast Iron Cauldrons from Pagan Shopping - We provide the tools you need for witchcraft spells and  pagan rituals - oils, candles, 
    herbs, baths spells and more. Cast Iron Cauldrons of several sizes are available
Bowls - Offering Plates Boxes Cauldrons
Great selection of silver plated cups, glass goblets and chalices for multiple uses either for  home or ritual use Ritual Smoking and its connection to magic is in part dependent upon the very old idea of spirits  of things". Hold your own Pagan smudging ritual. This is the art of cleansing both yourself and your  environment, using simple ritual and 
Chalices & Goblets Holy Smoke & Pipes Sacred Smudging
Use as a power wand for magic, for support during spell casting Offers walking and hiking sticks whips Scourge Gift Certificates
Wands Staffs & Whips Gift Certificates

All items in this on-line store are sold as CURIOS ONLY. We make no claims nor guarantee any supernatural or magical qualities for any product. The names and alleged powers are gathered from books, folklore, and various occult sources. Prices are subject to change without Notice!

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