Bubble Healing Spell

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Bubble Spell
From Baby Magic by Vidar Andrewson - Mind Fire

Have you ever blown bubbles when you were a child?

This rite is quite simple  but will work if the right mindset is in order. First go out into nature, on  a hill, in a field etc on a windy day if possible. Tell your child to make a  wish and blow the bubbles. When they blow the bubbles their wishes are put  inside the bubbles and carried up to the Gods where the bubbles pop who will see  their wishes and grant them. Explain to them that sometimes the bubbles will pop  before getting there by being attacked by Loki's forces who take the form of  bugs, birds, crosswinds, people and other things. If they say a little prayer  before the bubbles are blown to ensure a safe journey of the bubbles to the Gods  then that will help them do beginning invocations.

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