Bubble Healing Spell

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Kite Spell
From Baby Magic by Vidar Andrewson - Mind Fire

Hand make a kite with your child(ren) doing most of the work. On the kite write  messages of what they want, wishes. The message can be anything they want the gods(desses) to hear. It can have a poem written on it, or a request or a simple happy birthday to the God during Yuletide for the beginning of our year. The thought being that the higher the kite goes it gets closer to the realm of the Gods and they can read it easier. If the kite string ever breaks and the kite is  lost maybe the Gods have decided to keep the kite? Don't lie to them but let  their imagination decide what happened to the kite. If you lie to them they'll  never believe you again or will have doubts about what you say in the future.

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