Stones and Magical Correspondences

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Gemstones and Magical Correspondences


Stones have a long association with witchcraft being used by witches for many magical purposes.  Stones, gems and crystals contain their own unique powers and energies that can be used to influence differing occult functions.  Many contain healing properties; some are used for protection and to ward of evil, while others are used for divination and spiritual communication. Crystals carry energy vibrations, and can subtly help to bring the energy vibrations within your body, aura and spellwork into balance. Use gems and stones with vibrations suited to your purpose.

Below are some commonly used stones and their associated correspondences:

Agate Strength,courage,love,healing,protection.
Amazonite Taking a chance to be successful in a project.
Amber Protection, magical workings, solar energy (fire)
Amethyst Dreams, astral work, relieves stress, imagination, meditation (air)
Aquamarine Divination, relaxes, protects from drowning, creativity, unblocks energy (water)
Aventurine Prosperity, abundance, fertility, optimism, healing old emotional wounds (earth)
Beryl Scrying, crystal gazing, intellect (air)
Bloodstone Confidence, strength, control over your life, luck (fire)
Blue Lace Agate Feminine energy, peace, soothes headaches, relaxation (water)
Carnelian Intuitive talents, astral travel, sexual energy, prevent miscarriage (fire)
Cat's Eye Wealth, success, friendship, money
Chrysocolla Balances emotions, relieves depression, emotional healing (water)
Citrine Healing, increased physical energy, hope, encourages new beginnings (fire)
Coral Healing, wisdom, peace
Crystal Quartz Divination, psychic abilities, power.
Diamond Fainting spirituality, protection, reconciliation
Emerald Love, protects against violence, communication (earth)
Fluorite Creativity, mental abilities, meditation, astral travel, confidence, inspiration (air)
Garnet Passion, courage, fertility, prosperity (fire)
Geodes Astral travel
Hematite Absorbing and grounding negative energy, healing, balances energy flow (earth)
Jade Long life, prosperity, dragons, good fortune, health and longevity (water)
Jet Protection, divination, Goddess energy (earth)
Labradorite Imagination, releases inhibitions, self-confidence, communication with spirits (air)
Lapis Lazuli Psychic protection, love, peace of mind (water)
Malachite Good fortune, busines success, protection from accidents (water)
Moonstone Lunar energy, psychic matters, clarity of thought (water)
Moss Agate Plant magick, new friends, reveals deceit (earth)
Obsidian Inner strength, protection (earth)
Onyx Protection, hope, endurance, acquiring knowledge (earth)
Peridot Astral work, protection from nightmares, emotional healing, inspiration (earth)
Quartz Focusing energy for any purpose (air)
Red Jasper Passion, blood magick, protection from nightmares (fire)
Rose Quartz Love, friendship, joy, self-healing (water)
Ruby Wealth, power, protection
Sodalite Courage, intellect, creativity, protection on journeys (water)
Sun Stone Energy, protection, success
Tiger Eye Protection, balance, mediation, starting new business (earth)
Topaz Money, love, healing, protection
Tourmaline Money, business success, friendship, courage, astral travelavel
Turquoise Protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation, divination (water)
Zircon Sexual energy, love, peace