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Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. This is especially true in magick. You really need to know what you are doing before mucking around with metaphysics. These are some of the better books available from Llewellyn (a top metaphysical publisher). If you have any suggestions on books to include which are not listed or find any broken links please let me know. Just click on the book covers to get more information about that particular book.

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Astral Projection Plain and Simple from Llewellyn Astral Travel for Beginners from Llewellyn Astral Voyages from Llewellyn Astrological Crosses in Relationships from Llewellyn
Astral Projection Plain and Simple Astral Travel for Beginners Astral Voyages Astrological Crosses in Relationships
Astrological from Llewellyn Astrology & Relationships from Llewellyn Astrology for Beginners from Llewellyn Astrology for Self Empowerment from Llewellyn
Astrology Astrology & Relationships Astrology for Beginners Astrology for Self Empowerment
Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship from Llewellyn Aura Energy for Health, Healing and Balance from Llewellyn Aura Reading for Beginners from Llewellyn Auras from Llewellyn
Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance Aura Reading for Beginners Auras
Authentic Spirituality from Llewellyn Autoerotic Mysticism from Llewellyn Autumn Equinox from Llewellyn Ayurvedic Balancing from Llewellyn
Authentic Spirituality Autoerotic Mysticism Autumn Equinox Ayurvedic Balancing